Simulator Entry

The simulator is suitable for the entry into FPV racing drone flying. (a software that looks like a game – but has extremely realistic flight characteristics) especially good.  To start with the simulator, you only need two things: The simulator itself (the software) and a “spark” – the radio remote control. You can also use this later to control your real drones. If you start with simulators, you can save a lot of money that you would have spent on scrapped drones in the learning process.

FPV Racing Simulatoren

Recommendation: FPV Freerider

freerider-splash fpv racingdrone drohne simulator

FPV Freerider is the ideal simulator for beginners. The advantages:

  • Cheap (only 5 Euro plus donation)
  • Realistic flight model
  • Runs also on weaker computers (or even on mobile phones!)
  • Adjustable flight characteristics and physics

FPV Freerider can be found here:

Radio remote controls for FPV Racer

With the Funke, it may be worth it to spend some real money, since you then no longer have to change later when your hobby grows to your heart and you then use it to control his full-grown Racing Quadrocopter.

Budget solution: Flysky FS I6S

The Flysky FS I6S remote control is a cheap solution (approx. 60 Euro) and has a USB port, which is urgently needed for the simulator. (Yes, it is also possible to fly a simulator via audio and emulator via other ports, but this is very susceptible, so we advise against it).

Flysky FS I6S fpv racing drone drone radio fernsteuerung

The Flysky FS I6S is available at Amazon.

Professional solution: FrSky Taranis X9D

If you look at the pros in Racing Freestyle on the fingers you quickly realize: This is THE spark for Quads! With 250-300 Euro the Taranis is also a good investment, but it will certainly be the last spark you get. And if you don’t get anything out of flying, you can sell them well used again.

FrSky Taranis X9D Plus fpv racing drone drone radio fernsteuerung funke

The FrSky Taranis X9D Plus is available at Amazon.


Start a game and improve lap times.
To keep the learning curve steep, switch from “Self-Leveling Mode” to “Acro Mode” as soon as possible. I.e. as soon as you have understood which lever on the remote control is doing what. Because only in “Acro Mode” the full three-dimensional control of the racing quad is possible. The Acro-Mode (stands for “Acrobatic” and not for an aggressive flying style ;-)) is also what makes the essential difference between Racecopter and Kameradrohne like a DJI Mavic. And yes, it’s hard to fly “Acro” at the beginning. You have to put 10-20 flying hours into it until you know how to do it.