How to start?

How to start with FPV Racing?

Two possibilities

Basically, there are two different approaches. The approach with small quadrocopters or the simulator.

A small list of the advantages and disadvantages of the two options:



  • Very inexpensive entry
  • You’re going to learn the “essentials”
  • Lower costs due to less material wear
  • When you buy something, you usually buy it right away. “the right thing” (e.g. the spark) without transition via intermediate products


  • Artificial: no “real” flying experience
  • No experience with damage and repair in crashes
  • Nix for outdoors

Start with small Quads


  • Just like flying
  • More fun
  • More representative – you can let your friends join in too
  • Experience with quadrocopters and their construction


  • Expensive because you buy many models, which you will hardly need later on and you often have to repair them.
  • More time consuming (you don’t get flight experience as fast as in a simulator)

?? Start with small Quads

?? Simulator entry

When the first experiences are there and you have overcome your contact fears (whether on the simulator or with small toy drones) it’s time for the next step: A Rich race drone has to be made. But it’s best to have one that forgives a little and isn’t already broken at the first contact with something. After all, we’re not pros yet. You can read what’s suitable here:

?? Level 3: A real Brushless-Racer