Are 3″ Racing drones the new king class? (HGLRC XJB-145 shopping list)

Are 3 “racing drones the new premier class? (HGLRC XJB-145 shopping list)

Why are 3 “Racequads so interesting in Germany?

In Germany (and in some other countries) there is a magic number: 250g. Drones and quads over 250g are subject to the strictest conditions in Germany . Copters under a quarter of a kilo (and the HGLRC XJB-145 is one of them) are considered toys and it’s so much easier to fly legally.

Under 250g but strong enough for a GoPro

What makes the 3 “class but especially interesting: It is possible to assemble a 4S Racer here, which likes to fly its 130 Km / h or mount a GoPro Session and shoot in incredible quality.

HGLRC XJB-145 3 Inch FPV racing drone blue blue drone gopro fpvracingdrone

Ok, admittedly – with a GoPro it is very close to the 250g, maybe you have to counter something with the battery. But it’s possible! What I’ll do: I’ll get a Möbius mini camera – the quality is not as high as in the GoPro session, but it is much easier. So I have all options open.

Möbius Mini Mobius Action Camera Cam Mini Micro Camera FPV

The best 3″ racing drone

There are 2 hot contenders for the title “The Best 3 Inch Racing Drone”. After the  HGLRC XJB-145 came out the  Diatone GT M3 , which flies an incredible 150 Km / h . A <250g drone !!! Which is better now I believe in the eye of the beholder. The 3 “class is definitely the most interesting class for Germany and other regulated countries and the two models are simply UNBELIEVABLE in terms of performance, quality, and speed.

Diatone GT M3 3 inch FPV racing drone blue blue drone gopro fpvracingdrone
Diatone GT M3
HGLRC XJB-145 3 Inch FPV racing drone blue blue drone gopro fpvracingdrone
HGLRC XJB-145 Blue

Shopping list for the  HGLRC XJB-145

But I chose the XJB 145mm. Here is my shopping recommendation:

HGLRC XJB-145 (Drone): € 140  Banggood (Blue / Red ),  Gearbest  , Amazon
FrSky D8 (Receiver): € 9  Banggood , Amazon
Flysky FS-A8S Receiver Alternative: € 8   Banggood , Amazon
GemFan Flash 3052 (Props): 3 €  Banggood , Amazon Mobility 
Mini (Camera): € 60   Banggood , Amazon
Tattu 850mAh 4S 14.4V 75C XT30 (Battery): € 20  Banggood ,Amazon
Zip Ties (Cable Tie ):    Banggood , Reusable


LDARC X8 Transmitter (spark): € 30  Banggood , € 40 Amazon
Bandicoot Patch Antenna:
RealACC Pro Plus Divercity Module:


Robogenesis shows his skills with the DRL Racer 3

Robogenesis shows his skills with the DRL Racer 3

Robogenesis, the winner of the DLR Swatch Tryouts 2018, shows his flying skills with the DRL Racer 3. It’s unbelievable how the guy controls the official Racequad of the Drone Racing League. What I like best is the reverse orbit at 1: 44. I think this is the first time I have seen this variant of the Mr. Steele signature move.

Another impressive thing is that the heavy weight of the DRL R3 does not seem to affect the agility of the drone. Neogenesis moves the thing so fast through the air that you think the video has to be accelerated.

Really incredible pilots like Robogenesis show what level the FPV scene is at and the skills are amazing. Or how benii  simply asks him, “Do you think the world is running too slow?” XD

The DRL tryouts were streamed through and Rogogenesis has won a $ 75,000 contract as the winner and will be starting for Swatch in the next DRL season.

DRL Racer 3 | The Quad from the Drone Racing League

DRL Racer 3 | The Quad from the Drone Racing League

Where can you buy the DRL Racer 3?

Now you have to be very strong: the DRL R3 is not available for purchase. Also not in the DRL shop. But there are alternatives. Which, you can read below.

DRL racer 3 R3 Race Drone Drone FPV Racingquad

What is the Drone Racing League (DRL)?

The DRL is a racing series for racing drones. The format was developed especially for television and is not uncontroversial in the scene, but visually a feast for the eyes. Take a look at it here:

What is special about the DRL Racer 3

The DRL Racer 3 (short DRL R3) is the official racequad for the league which is flown by all pilots to create equal opportunities. The DRL Quad is an in-house development of DRL, although of course it is largely based on freely available parts, the most striking thing about the DRL race drone is probably the polycarbonate plastic case with the LEDs at first sight. I think the whole thing looks very cool through the shell and especially the cover for the camera.

Due to the additional technology and the shell, it is relatively heavy for a racing quadrocopter of this size (it is a 6 “, not 5”): It weighs about one kilogram. Nevertheless, its flight characteristics are praised by most pilots and through the 5S Power it still has enough punch: The ratio of power to weight (thrust-to-weight ratio) is acceptable 7: 1 (the agile racing drones have 10-15: 1) ,

DRL Racer 3 specification

DRL R3 Racer 3 Racing Drone Drone Parts Parts Specification

  • Waterproof (DRL R3 Polycarbon Canopy)
  • 980 grams
  • Frame: DRL R3 Custom TrueX
  • Battery: Pulse 1800mAh 5S
  • PDB: Custom (DRL R3 PDB)
  • ESC: Rotorgeeks 20A RG20 Plus
  • Engine: BrotherhobbyT2 2206 1800kV
  • Propeller: HQProps 6x4x4
  • Receiver: TBS Crossfire V2 Micro
  • Transmitter: TS5823
  • Antenna: Lumenier AXII (LHCP)
  • Motolabs Cyclone
  • FPV Cam: Rotorgeeks HS1177 with 2.5mm GoPro Lens
  • Cam: GoPro Session 5

Are there alternatives to the DRL Racer 3

Of course! More importantly, what’s your skill level? As a total beginner, the R3 would not really bring you much – flying such a part takes some practice on the simulator before you can even hold such a racer in the air. (That’s just a racer and not a DJI drone!).

If you are still interested, I can recommend getting started with a complete set (for less than 100 €) with spark and glasses, with which you can even fly inside: QC 90 Kit. Read more about speed drones to get started here.

If you are already advanced or want to start with very big ambitions, the Diatone GT220S delivers incredible performance for less than 300 Euros (but do not forget the rest like glasses, spark, batteries etc.).

Diatone GT220S DRL Racer Alternative Race Drone Drone FPV Racingquad
Diatone GT220S as DRL R3 alternative

Is there then somewhere to buy the old DRL Racer 2

Unfortunately, the DRL R2 is not available on the open market. Most likely, one can still research and rebuild the parts. But then I would rather advise rebuilding the Racer 3 with the parts list above or anyway use a separate combination.

Be informed as soon as there is the R3 to buy!

If the racers will buy it at some point we will inform you in the newsletter. Sign up here to stay up to date

I finally got my drone from UAVFutures!!!

I finally got my drone from UAVFutures !!!

In September, I won a UAV Futures Channel drone:

It is a Furybee x215 which was considered by Stew with praise (price / performance at 150 euros )

Furibee X215 drone drone fpv racing fpvracingdrone fatshark drl racer


Now (in December) she finally arrived in Germany:

Furibee x215 drone drone fpv racing fpvracingdrone fatshark drl racer

If you want to get started with this racer, you need a spark , glasses and batteries (3S are here).


Furibee x215 test

Unfortunately, I’m not in Germany at the moment, so this will probably take some time with the test = /

FPVRacingDrone @ JungleHub

FPVRacingDrone @ JungleHub

How did this site come about?

When I saw Mr.Steele’s first YouTube videos with FPV Racing drones, it was all about me. The nerd in me made leaps of joy and got big eyes, and when I saw (and heard!) The performance of these quadrocopters in a Quadmovr video (the LOS video on the front page ) my jaw clattered on the keyboard. The DRL videos were like F-Zero or WipeOut on the console – just in real.

It was clear to me: “I have to do that too”. But gathering together the information as a beginner was not so easy. So many technical terms, so four new things and I had no plan of it. It was clear to me: If I understood that to some extent, I build a site for those interested, beginners and beginners. So they do not have to search as long as me.

Jungle Hub

In the summer of 2017, I’m off and have traveled two months Europe. I was sure, “This is so long and so much time, I will certainly take care of my online projects”. Well, unfortunately, the tour was way too good, the people I met too nice, the drinks too delicious and the sun too nice, as I had time to sit longer on the computer.

But after two months “doing nothing” came a bit a guilty conscience. And then the right mail: Tim Chimoy offers a workshop with the wonderful, handy short title “8 Weeks Digital Business Intensive Mastermind” or 8WDBIMM “.

Booked! That was the pistol on my chest that I needed to finally get a bit more serious about the stories. The selection as a main project to take was not so easy – I thought others of my projects would be more exciting for a workshop, I’m just just so horny on the multicopter ?
Since then I was pleased that the confirmation came in the group This is an exciting topic worth working on in the workshop.

The other projects

Overall, we were only 6 “students” who participated, our mentors were Tim , Martha and Charles . Here are the projects of the other participants:

Annemarie and her sister have a wonderful website, on which they sell spreads and the right home feeling with:

Lukas is an expert in digital team solutions, on his site you can find all the information about the tools that enable digital collaboration:

Sabine helps you to keep the little monkey in your head under control and to regain your peace of mind:

Maria knows how to build shops and design sales areas. You’re digital and online, now it’s time to build new offline channels in stationary retail:

My other projects

A page for the American market about specialized cats and dog food. My time as a consultant at Fressnapf has brought me to this topic. specialized pet food for diabetic cats and senior dogs

Concept not making sense since 2008.
Actually says it all. xD concept not making sense sincce 2008

A site for minimalists and design lovers. Everything in black. Black Design Minimalism Does It Come in Black

Powder Snow

Skiing is a big passion of mine, and powder snow is a godsend:

powdersnow facebook powder snow ski snowboard

Powder Snow (Facebook)

Flower bulbs, seeds and more. At the moment “On Hold” -> Relaunch 2018!

Blumenpapst Blumen Pope


360 Degree “Inception Style” Video on an FPV Racing Drone

360 inception FPV racing drone quad video drohne FPVracingdrone

360 degree “Inception Style” video on a FPV racing drone

Video player


CJ Davies has a Ph.D. in computer science, lives in England and he has a hobby: 360 ° filming. And he combines that with his second hobby, flying FPV drones. He just made incredible shots with a Mijia Mi Sphere camera and a drone:

CJ Davies on his 360 ° FPV video – from 6 GoPro Hero to Mijia Mi Sphere

[German translation can be found below!]

Hi there!

I’ve had an interest in 360 ° media for some years now, after doing a Ph.D. in Computer Science during the beginning of the current VR resurgence ( then working professionally as a 360° stills photographer ( for several years.

My first contact with 360 ° video was with clunky multi-camera solutions (think six GoPro Hero 4 Black in an expensive bespoke rig) that would take just hours to remove all the cameras, take the SD cards out & dump all the files onto the computer, then many more hours on expensive sewing software manually tweaking things to get a passable result.

360° solutions (usually twin-lens style) in the last few years, as the Ricoh Theta & the Samsung Gear 360, which boast much faster / simpler workflows, but I did not consider any of them worth buying (& I did try several hands-on) until Xiaomi came out with her Mijia Mi Sphere camera earlier this year.

The Xiaomi camera has the IMU built in, which allows the footage to remain level & pointing in the same direction even as the camera rotates or turns upside down the video as you’re watching it, plus it gets rid of a lot of vibration/shakes. Xiaomi camera is really engaging with the community via Facebook to address feedback, distribute beta software/firmware builds for testing, etc.

My first attempt puts it on a drone what the relative safety of my tarot 650 on a trip to Iceland

Third attempt at mounting the Xiaomi camera on the Tarot 650 ?

A post shared by @ cj.fpv on 

This should not be so entertaining.

A post shared by @ cj.fpv on 

Trying to make a break in the wind for shooting 360 video.

A post shared by @ cj.fpv on 

Putting it on a 6 “FPV quad what a lot riskier, but I think the footage is definitely worth it ?

Flew something silly today: 3

A post shared by @ cj.fpv on 

The footage was stitched via the Mijia Mi Sphere app for Android (and it’s actually almost hardware acceleration) and then I edited it in Adobe Premiere CC 2018 using the GoPro VR plugins that you can install for Premiere / After Effects by installing the GoPro Fusion Studio (even if you do not have a GoPro Fusion & cannot actually use the Fusion Studio software).

Let me know if you have any questions!

CJ Davies

CJ Davis




I’ve been interested in 360 ° for several years now, after doing my PhD at the beginning of the current VR upswing ( and then professionally as a 360 ° photographer for several years (

My first contact with 360° video was with chunky multi-camera solutions (six GoPro Hero 4 Black in an expensive custom-made rig). It took hours to remove all the cameras, remove the SD cards and copy all the files to the computer. Then many more hours to manually connect the images in an expensive stitching software, to arrive at a passable result.

A number of companies have released single-camera solutions for 360 ° in recent years (usually double lenses), such as the Ricoh Theta and Samsung Gear 360, which offer much faster and easier workflows. But I did not find any of them worth buying (though I had them in my hand) until Xiaomi came out with the Mijia Mi Sphere camera earlier this year.

The Xiaomi camera was (I think) the first to have an IMU installed that allows the footage to stay in the same orientation, even when the camera is spinning or turned upside down, and the video has much less vibration /Shaking. The quality of stitching with the Xiaomi camera is also very good and Xiaomi are really committed to sharing feedback with the Facebook community, distributing beta software/firmware builds for testing, etc.

My first attempt to attach the camera to a drone was on a trip to Iceland in the relative safety of my Tarot 650:

[Pictures see above]

Putting the camera on a 6 “FPV quad was much riskier, but I think the material was definitely worth it ?

[Video above]

The footage was made via the Mijia Mi Sphere app for Android (believe it or not, it’s really fast with hardware acceleration!), And then I edited it in Adobe Premiere CC 2018 with the GoPro VR plugins, which it did for Premiere / After Effects installs by installing GoPro Fusion Studio (even if you do not have GoPro Fusion and can not use Fusion Studio software).

Please let me know if you have any questions!

CJ Davies

More information about CJ and its projects

360 Quad Minisite:    360 Miniquad

Youtube Channel:    CJ Davies


Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere 360 Camera

xiaomi mi MIjia 360 panoramic camera

Lego drone

Lego Drohne 01 drone FPVRacingdrone FPV Quadrocopter Multirotor

Lego drone

Where can I buy a Lego drone?

What is a “Lego drone” anyway? Should you buy such a Lego Dohne? Since when does Lego build drones? These questions should be answered here.

Is there an official Lego drone?

No. Lego does not actually build any drones, a “Lego-Drone” is a kit that lets you build a drone that also uses Lego parts.

Where can I buy such a Lego drone?

The best offer in German-speaking countries is on Amazon. Look at the different kits here:

D24 beginner copter

Lego Drone 01 DS24 Begoeger Copter drone FPVRacingdrone FPV Quadrocopter Multirotor


D24 Hexacopter

Lego Drone DS24 Building Block Hexacopter drone FPVRacingdrone FPV Quadrocopter Multirotor


Lego drone FLY-GO ARF drone FPVRacingdrone FPV Quadrocopter Multirotor




Or just browse:


Are they easy to build?

Yes, the small models are quite easy to build, but unfortunately also a little prone to crumble into many parts during the crash.

Are the races suitable? Are you the right racing quads?

No, they can not FPV, and also no race-ready Flight controller is installed. And even some tuning of the models would bring nothing because Lego construction is simply not stable enough to withstand racing drones hardware. But they still do fly very nice – and it’s really fun to move the build through the air.

Conclusion: A nice Christmas present for hobbyists and nerds (gift idea!)

So who is that for? I guess, if you know someone who likes Lego and is interested in the topic drones, FPV and model making: Here’s a great gift idea! But if you’re interested in FPV Racing, then you’d better look here .

DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White kaufen

DJI Mavic Pro Alpine Edition front FPV race racer

DJI Mavic Pro

DJI – the leading manufacturer of camera drones – has created a milestone in the consumer class with the Mavic Pro. The peculiarity of the Mavic Pro is certainly that despite all the capabilities that the larger Phanton models bring, they can be folded to an extremely small pack size.

DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White Limited Edition

Now DJI has released a special limited edition of the Mavic Pro in white and she is a real eye-catcher:

DJI Mavic Pro Alpine Edition perspective FPV race racer DJI Mavic Pro Alpine Edition top FPV race racer DJI Mavic Pro Alpine Edition folds FPV race racer DJI Mavic Pro Alpine Edition front FPV race racer

Where can I buy the DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White?

The Mavic Pro Alpine White Drone is offered “exclusively” at Apple. But that’s not quite true, because there is the Alpine White Limited Edition synonymous with DJI in their own shop to buy, but only for delivery to the States. If there are other options, we will add that here.

If you use this link to buy, you’ll even get $ 50 off:


What are the differences between the normal Mavic Pro and the Alpine White?

She is white. ?

Is the Mavic Pro Alpine White a racecopter? Can she acro?

No, the Mavic is definitely not a race drone. Although there is a sports mode in which you fly quite fast for a camera drone, the performance is in no way approaching a real racer like the Furibee. Also, she can still acro-mode, the few videos that came out until now are fakes (It was an April Fool’s joke).

But who knows? with a firmware update, that should actually be possible to fly the Mavic in Acrobatic mode. However, the battery does not have the output and the engines do not have the punch to fly like a real racing drone. If you are interested in such a thing, look here .

Long Range Action with Rotor Riot

Long Range Action with Rotor Riot

Rotor Riot Long Range Action

FinalGlideAUS shows on Lake Tahoe how to fly a long range by setting a seemingly endless distance to an island and Drew Camden aka LeDrib has arguably the most thrilling flight with a Mavic Pro.
Quote: “Who said Mavic’s not fun to fly !?” ?